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Company Profile - we do Temenos GLOBUS / T24 projects
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Recent and current contracts for Quantum Solutions include:
  • Mauritius Commercial Bank
  • Investec Bank in Sydney, Australia
  • Central Bank of Swaziland
  • Rubik Financial Service, Australia
  • Swazi Bank.
Buddy has a lifelong passion for computers. He wrote his first program [Hang Man] at the age of 10 years. That was still on a Commodore VIC 20 computer and the language was BASIC.

However after school he started his life as an accountant and enrolled as a trainee accountant at a well known accounting firm in Potchefstroom South Africa for his articles.

During his articles he realizes that he is wasting his time and reverted back to computers. He enrolled at the world renowned VanZyl and Pritchard Computer Training School, Cape Town, South Africa as a SAP trainee. He completed his course 18 months later in the first 5 top students.

His life as a developer in GLOBUS T24 started with EDS South Africa with contracts on Globus Banking Software implementations. Clients such as NedBank [only foreign branches], Central Bank Swaziland, Central Bank Lesotho, and NAMPOST were included. EDS sold its shares to Bastion ZA which was later taken over by NedBank itself. Buddy work for these companies to a total of nearly 10 years.

Quantum Solutions have access to more than 20 various professional resources worldwide which give the company the competitive edge on saving on development time. This can be achieved because part of our resources is based in Australia, India and Taiwan. Because of the comprehensive Technical Solutions Documents produced by Quantum Solutions it is possible and viable to let more than one developer work on the same project across the globe turning an eight hour working day into a twenty hour working day.  This means faster development time and turnaround. These Technical Solutions Documents form part of the end product for the customer's records.
The company Quantum Solutions was started with Buddy and Jakes VandenBerg as partners after seeing a gap in the niche world market for smaller, lean and fast and affordable service provider. He gained extensive an experience in Software Development, Testing, Implementation and overall IT support in banking sector, with international experience in Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe, specializing in Temenos GLOBUS T24 Core banking system.

Of course his accounting background always played a big role in his appointments to banking projects. Buddy undertook a number of assignments in a Lead, Team and Project Management and also in a Senior Developer position, for international banks and specialist banking systems support companies in the past.

Buddy is looking after the development requirements side of the business while Jakes is responsible for finance, legal, research and administration. Both partners drive marketing and client satisfaction as a high priority.
We are able and prepared to deliver any of the following serves to our clients as part / total solutions.
Maintenance jobs
  • File archiving and re-sizing
  • COB maintenance and tuning
  • System Speed en efficiency.
Upgrades and Conversions – System upgrades regarding G or R-version
  • Upgrades from G11 to R10 (note that multiple upgrades might be required)
  • Decommission the old legacy systems and migration data to T24, with full data migration and reconciliation.
Projects – Jobs that might impact on the Banks’ Customers and that has a definite due date or go-live date. Examples of types of jobs we classify as “projects” are:
  • BOP version I and II reporting project – customer impact is that more information must be obtained from customers for certain transactions, go-live date is 15 November 2009.
  • Upgrades/Conversions also can be classified as a Project, but when Upgrade project is being developed, tested or implemented, no other projects or jobs should be done on the system.
  • SMS transaction notification to customer, or SMS banking.
Small jobs – jobs that can be done in a couple of days (1 to 4 days) and which does not impact system performance or customers. Examples might include:
  • Enquiry reports which input parameters e.g. to enable teller to balance his till at closing
  • Transaction journal used by staff to tick against vouchers
  • Management and Operational reports [GL or PL reports]
Data Mining – Once of type requests where data dumps of information needed by management or typically finance department is provided
  • Once off report – typical quick and dirty or jBase Data Dumps

If you require more information on our services, or wish to discuss your specific needs with us,
please contact us here
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